Architectural Guidelines

Qualico takes pride in creating inviting and attractive communities. Each phase in Sage Creek has Architectural Guidelines that builders follow when designing your new home. These guidelines set the standard of design and materials for that area including site development, landscaping, exterior finishes and fencing.

Architectural Guidelines Are Important!

Today’s homes often use plans that are customized to suit your style and personal preferences. Popular plans and styles can sometimes lead to homes on a street looking too similar.

Homes that are too similar

Architectural Guidelines help prevent neighbouring homes from being too similar. They ensure each home has varying exterior design elements such as architectural styles, colours and materials.

Homes with a variety of designs

Architectural Guidelines provide physical separation of similar homes by applying a 5-7 house buffer. This prevents matching exterior elements from being too close together.

Illustration of two rows of homes with similar homes spaced out

How will this impact your home?

The options for your preferred plan and the exterior finishes of your home may be affected by neighbouring homes that were already approved.

Work with your builder to select the ideal combination of lot, plan, architectural style and materials you love for your new home. Some flexibility is required by all new homeowners to establish the appealing streetscapes found within Sage Creek.

Sage Creek Architectural Guidelines