Sage Creek Home Styles

Sage Creek Home Styles

Fulfilling the vision of what makes a complete community, Sage Creek unites the most current ideas in architecture, design, landscaping and community planning. An essential element to ensuring Sage Creek remains a vibrant community is our broad array of house styles, with single and multi-family homes available in a wide range of price points.

The Momentum is Building

Whether you’re on your own, starting a family, empty-nesting or embarking upon your retirement, this is a community filled with possibilities: with new phases of single-family homes being released regularly, and a host of multi-unit housing options springing to life around Village Centre over the months and years to come.

Custom Homes elevation

Premium & Custom Homes

A Premium Home maximizes value by offering a proven selection of pre-defined home plans, streamlining the decision-making process for buyers who want a new home. In contrast, a Custom Home provides more opportunity to tailor your home’s layout and features, from start to finish. There are a number of qualified Premium and Custom builders in Sage Creek to choose from. See Show Homes & Builders

Premium Courtyard Homes

Premium & Custom Courtyard Homes

These beautiful yet compact single or multi-level homes are situated throughout Sage Creek, either along landscaped boulevards or tucked away in more private areas. Available in both Premium and Custom home styles, these mid-sized properties feature a rear garage and smaller yards that require minimal maintenance, while connecting exterior and interior living spaces. Learn more

Bluestem Cndominiums


Sage Creek features a variety of condominium home styles to suit many different lifestyles including townhomes condos, and bungalow or two-storey semi-attached condos. Condos are located a short walk from the many Village Centre amenities, for easy living.
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Rental Apartments

Apartments & Rentals

Situated near Sage Creek’s Village Centre, the various apartment complexes are located within close proximity to the community’s wetlands, nature paths and parks. They offer ideal locations to walk, bike and access to the many amenities available in the neighbourhood.
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