Nature & Sustainability

Throughout Sage Creek, nature is carefully integrated with man-made elements. It’s been thoughtfully designed to be attractive for residents, while also creating important habitat for local wildlife and reducing greenhouse gases, erosion and fertilizer use. This approach is part of an emerging land ethic that sees beauty in nature and value in the restorative role that natural land development can plays in enriching our environment.

Working extensively with Native Plant Solutions, a branch of Ducks Unlimited, and partnering with organizations like the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Qualico Communities has become specialists in naturalizing wetlands and incorporating native grasses and plants into our communities. Nowhere are these efforts more evident than within Sage Creek.


Wetlands in Sage Creek are designed to be more than simple water retention ponds or features for residents to enjoy, also playing an important role in the sustainability of our community. They help protect our waterways by collecting storm water run-off and filtering it with native grasses and shoreline plants. In this way, impurities are captured before they reach the city’s drainage or groundwater systems, better protecting our rivers and streams.

Native Grasses

Manitoba is rich in native species of plants, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees. By incorporating native grasses and plants into the green spaces in Sage Creek, we’re creating healthy eco-systems along with impressive and appealing landscapes.

The hardy plants we’ve established here have long root systems adapted to filter out excessive nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from storm water run-off and protect themselves from the winter cold. They provide ideal habitat for birds and other wildlife and best of all, require little to no pesticides or herbicides. Learn how to care for the Native Grasses on your property.

Limestone Trails

Trails in Sage Creek are constructed with crushed limestone instead of traditional concrete or asphalt. This offers some key benefits to the environment, and for the residents and their pets to enjoy. Limestone trails:

  • Are easier and less expensive to maintain and repair
  • Provide shock absorption for running and walking
  • Have less heat reflection making it cooler for pets
  • Allow for better drainage, preventing pooling (where mosquitoes can breed) as well as run-off erosion