About Sage Creek

What makes a community complete?

It’s a concept that challenges us to expect as much from where we live as we do from the design and flow of our homes.

Since its inception, Sage Creek has proven to be a trailblazing new community that encourages you to increase your overall wellbeing. We know that’s a lot to expect from a community. Yet it’s the reason Sage Creek continues to add new amenities, attract new residents and break new ground each day.

Sage Creek Aerial Photo

Modern Urban Form

Sage Creek incorporates the most current thinking on what makes a community truly liveable. This is a completely walkable community, with an abundance of amenities, plus plenty of recreational parks, playgrounds and trails that propel residents to become more physically active while instilling a sense of being genuinely connected.

Sage Creek Village Centre - just outside of gym

A Marketplace at its Heart

The Village Centre is core to the vision for this community. Enhancing life for local residents and nearby neighbourhoods alike, this dynamic marketplace is home to a growing range of shops and conveniences, lifestyle and professional services, plus popular fast food restaurants and local eateries.

Sage Creek Lifestyles - Playground with Dads

All Lifestyles

Thoughtfully considered and designed with your ultimate lifestyle in mind. There’s a home here to suit virtually everyone at all stages of life, from singles to mature families, young couples and empty-nesters, to working professionals and seniors. This multi-generational approach ensures that there will always be new life and energy here, and a spirit of ongoing renewal.

Sage Creek Public Sculpture - "Flight"


The inspiration for Sage Creek is the natural environment, reflected in signage, street names and landscape design.
Beyond views of the beautiful wetlands and native grasses, residents are also inspired daily as they travel throughout Sage Creek by several large and impressive roundabout sculptures including Four Winds and Flight, as well as installations near the Village Centre.

Sage Creek Location Map

Ideally Positioned

You might think we’re tucked away, but you won’t believe how quick it is to get to work, university, sporting events or shopping. With easy access to so many familiar routes, Sage Creek offers easy connection with other parts of the city and downtown, close proximity to major intersections and connector routes, plus a direct conduit out of the city via the nearby perimeter.

Sage Creek Home Styles

Variety in Home Styles

Sage Creek’s architectural plan means consistency in quality, design standards and attention to detail. There is plenty of variation in home styles to keep our community interesting to the eye; while ever-changing views of nature, wetlands, native grasses and attractive open streetscapes are always here to welcome you home.