Engaging École Sage Creek School in local wetland expedition

On June 13, 2024, a group of grade 3 and 4 students from École Sage Creek School embarked on an immersive exploration of a local wetland, right in their backyard. This adventure was a part of the Student Wetland Planning & Education Program, curated by Dr. John Buchko of Environmental Design Solutions (EDS).  Read more

How to navigate a roundabout

While driving in Sage Creek, you may have noticed more roundabouts in this community than used in older neighbourhoods. This is because roundabouts are much safer in high traffic areas than traditional stop signs. When used properly, roundabouts have proven to reduce collisions and the severity of them by promoting continuous traffic flow, lower speeds and one-way travel.  Read more

Preserving our greenspaces

Having a home that backs onto a public reserve can be quite scenic. Homeowners can look out their windows to enjoy the naturalized areas that are usually incorporated along trails, parks and wetlands. Native grasses and plants provide valuable habitat and food sources to local wildlife while also helping to clean our air and watershed. Unfortunately, these beautiful parks and trails can be easily damaged...  Read more

Sage Creek’s commitment to Earth Day is every day

Sage Creek demonstrates the most current thinking on what makes a complete community thrive. Qualico Communities thoughtfully designed Sage Creek as a walkable community by incorporating several sustainable features such as constructed wetlands and native plantings throughout. An abundance of amenities, recreational parks, playgrounds and trails propel residents to be physically active while instilling a sense of connection and overall wellbeing.  Read more

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