Sage Creek Village Centre

Village Centre

The Village Centre is the beating heart of Sage Creek, creating the sense of living in a small town, with all of the amenities residents need just a few steps away.

A growing and dynamic hub with a wide range of shopping, convenience stores, groceries, dining, professional and lifestyle services it’s become a fulfilling destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Sage Creek Village Centre Photo

Everything You Need Nearby

Tree-lined streets lead you to shops and restaurants, where neighbours gather over coffee, grab groceries, and meet for drinks after work. Banking, health, insurance, and other professional services from both local and national companies bring practical amenities into the neighbourhood, close to home.

Burning Glass Road has become the social centre of the community, providing a place to connect with friends and neighbours. It’s a pedestrian-oriented corridor with sidewalk benches and ambient lighting, and features a host of restaurants and services that continue to grow and evolve. 

Multi-Family Living

Multi-family housing including apartments, condominiums and town homes have begun to surround the commercial areas enhancing Sage Creek’s housing diversity. Ultimately, this means residents have plenty of housing options, allowing them to continue to call Sage Creek home throughout their lifetime.

Sage Creek Village Centre Plaza

What's New?

The momentum keeps growing.

Construction is complete at the new Village Centre Plaza, located at the North West corner of Sage Creek Blvd and Burning Glass Road. It features distinctive landscaping, inviting seating and a beautiful custom sculpture, that was selected with input from Sage Creek residents.