The Sage Creek Eye Centre is one of the newest additions to the Village Centre, opening up to the public June 11, 2018. Headed up by Dr. Kelly Enns, Sage Creek residents will now be able to access eye care right within the comfort of the neighbourhood. We caught up with Dr. Enns and asked her a bit about her background and why she chose to start a practice in Sage Creek.

Can you tell us a bit about your background in Optometry, and your role at the Sage Creek Eye Centre?

I am a graduate of the Doctor of Optometry (OD) program at the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) in Chicago and I’ve been practicing in Winnipeg since graduation. ICO has a large community of private practice advocates and consultants, and these groups really got my interest piqued in starting my own clinic.

As an optometrist, my primary responsibility is to optimize and maintain the health of my patients’ eyes. This entails the assessment, diagnosis and management of ocular health, and in some cases, includes treatment. As part of a comprehensive eye exam, we’ll come up with the best glasses, prescriptions and recommendations to ensure our patients see as clearly and as comfortably as possible. This may include single vision lenses, task-specific lenses or sunglasses. Optometrists are also able to treat many eye problems such as pink/red eyes, glaucoma, dry eye disease and ocular inflammation and we’ll do our best to accommodate eye emergencies and help you avoid the possibility of long waits in an emergency room.

Our team also includes Kelly Marcine, a licensed optician and contact lens fitter with 30 years of experience. She’ll help patients select the best eye-wear for their prescription, face shape and visual demands. Part of her job is ensuring that the glasses fit and work properly and provide the best vision possible. We will work together to fit many types of contact lenses including single vision, astigmatic, multi-focals and monovision.

Why did you choose Sage Creek for your location?

I’ve always wanted to practice back home in Winnipeg as it’s where I grew up. We saw Sage Creek, a fast growing area with a strong sense of community, was missing an eyecare professional and I thought this was a role that I could fill.

What can the people of Sage Creek expect from Sage Creek Eye Centre?

In addition to state of the art eye care equipment, we hope we’ve managed to construct an inviting and attractive space that can meet all of your eyecare needs including sunglasses, contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses. We’ve chosen our office hours with hopes to accommodate as many people and their busy schedules as possible. We’re here to provide the best comprehensive routine and acute care whenever you need it. As for community involvement, we want to stay involved with local initiatives and keep our eye out for opportunities where we can give back.

How can residents get in touch to book an appointment with you?

Our planned opening date is Monday, June 11 and our online booking is already available through our website: Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our flyer which will be coming to your mailbox soon. We hope to see you all there! -Dr. Enns