Construction has begun for the new Village Centre Plaza, located at the North West corner of Sage Creek Blvd and Burning Glass Road! This Plaza will include landscaping, seating and a beautiful custom sculpture, selected with the help of Sage Creek residents.

“The public plaza is set to become the ‘pedestrian heart’ of the Sage Creek Village Centre,” says Alaina Saper, a member of the Qualico Communities planning department. “A paved open space with a variety of seating options, outdoor patios and lighting will serve as a community-gathering hub and provide an opportunity for special events. A sculptural art feature on a raised platform in the centre of the plaza will offer a striking focal point that will help delineate and animate the space.”

A call for submissions was put out for local sculptors and artists to create their vision for the plaza, and after narrowing them down three finalists, residents could fill out an online survey to see which they preferred. After reviewing community feedback, the final design was chosen.

“The Qualico selection team was looking for a dynamic and contemporary form that incorporated relevant natural and historical references. It was envisioned that the artist would consider elements from the history of the Red River Settlement as well as the natural history of the Sage Creek area, which is reflected in the Sage Creek signage, landscaping, street names and other public art.”

The final selection was a piece from local artist Darren Sakwi, of Stainless Concepts. Sakwi says as soon as he read the call for submissions, he knew what he wanted to do.

“The natural history of Aurora Borealis, AKA, The Northern Lights, is something that will stop anyone in their tracks,” says Sakwi. “That’s what I want to achieve with this piece. It’s one of those things in life that when you see it, you need to stop and take it in, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.”

Sculpture Metal Ribbon

“My first design was a very quick sketch and it just stuck with me. I really liked the ridges, arcs and long swooping lines that are similar to the northern lights. Stainless steel reflects light very well and I thought if I can take my style of sculpture and create these curves on a large enough scale it would really give the effect of lights dancing.”

Saper is excited about the design and what it will bring to the Village Centre.

“The Aurora Borealis is one of Earth’s most beautiful natural phenomena that we only get to glimpse occasionally. Darren’s sculpture will allow the residents of Sage Creek to enjoy the artistic allusion of the ever-changing Aurora by day, by night and by season.”

Construction on the plaza continues this month, and the sculpture is expected to be installed in the fall!

Sculpture Materials

(Examples of materials to be used)