Sage Creek, as its residents know, is a community on the rise. With more and more families moving in at all times, the different types of homes in the community become more and more important. Not every family is the same and they aren’t all going to want to purchase the same home. This is why Sage Creek was built with a diverse range of housing available to suit everything from a family of 6 or more, all the way to singles, young couples looking for a condo or an apartment, to retired couples who prefer living amongst their peers.

Premium Homes

A premium home, by design, is meant to streamline the decision-making process. With numerous existing floorplans and available options, the homebuyer can pick and choose the elements they want in their new home without going into custom planning. Premium homes are attractive and convenient for individuals and families who are very busy.

Custom Homes

Custom homes are just that–custom. Homebuyers work alongside builders to determine everything from cabinet types, to floorplans, to adding specialty rooms, to custom wine cellars and racks, and almost anything else someone might want in their home. The goal of a custom home is to provide a homebuyer with all the amenities they dream of having in a home, and with the help of the builder, bring them all together in a pleasing aesthetic.

Premium Courtyard Homes

Courtyard homes are multi-level homes with a rear attached or detached garage, but what truly makes them different is the well-designed living space in the backyard. Having detached garages in the rear, these homes have especially nice streetscapes with front walk-ups in addition to the extra living space in the back yard.

Courtyard homes are great for people who like to entertain and require less overall yard maintenance.

Custom Courtyard Homes

Owning a custom courtyard home gives you the extra outdoor living space  in your back yard that give entertaining or relaxing an extra edge. Whether you prefer to build a private brick patio, cedar deck, or a shaded pergola, you won’t be disappointed. Other options are available such as hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, bar tops, and more.

With a custom courtyard home, you’re also involved in the development of the build plan. Working alongside your builder you’re involved with design decisions and developing the functionality of the home. Many custom courtyard homes include an abundance of windows and open-concept living.


Bluestem Condominiums offer townhome living without having to worry about lawn care or other exterior maintenance. The townhomes overlook open prairie grasslands giving residents a serene natural landscape for a background. With three-storey townhomes ranging from 1,026 to 1,552 square feet, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. Each townhome is equipped with a single or double attached garage as well as private entrances. Front and back decks are also included, in addition to a landscaped centre courtyard and a trail to the Sage Creek Village Centre.


Individuals looking to rent aren’t left out in Sage Creek. Creekside Terrance provides modern rental suites built within the last 10 years. Suites are pet-friendly, each have a private patio/balcony, and with Creekside Terrace, month-to-month is available.

Sage Creek 55+ apartments are currently under construction with tenancy beginning in the fall.