The History of KDR Design Builders

Founded by company president Diego Vassallo, a carpenter by trade with over 27 years of construction experience, KDR Design Builders recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in Winnipeg. Committed to the promise of taking the surprise out of homebuilding, KDR takes a different approach to the pricing process.

“The KDR approach means that we help with all of the selections and customizations, and price out all extras before starting the build. This way there are no unanticipated surprises,” explains Domenica Vassallo, KDR Controller.

As a custom builder, they pride themselves on every house being completely different. “We aren’t taking a set plan and making some modifications,” Domenica explains. “Every home is completely different in terms of layout, design, colour and its amenities. In our 15 years there has never been two identical homes built by KDR.”

What Sets KDR Design Builders Apart

Domenica’s first response is their distinctive design ideas. She also believes that Diego’s wealth of knowledge in both commercial and residential construction is a unique benefit.

“We are able to bring a flair of commercial to our residential homes,” she explains. “But not to the degree where it doesn’t feel like a home. A lot of our homes have touches of stainless steel and features like commercial grade doors. We were also the first to bring glass railings to homes in the city. We bring in these ideas while remembering that it’s a home and that it needs to feel warm and livable.”

Technology is also top of mind at KDR. “We pride ourselves on being up to speed with telephone technology and home automation, where everything is seamless,” Domenica explains. “We install security systems with cameras so you can view your home from out of the city or country, and we’ve also implemented ideas like docking systems at the entrances so you don’t have phones charging all over the house. Ideas like this are at the forefront of what we’re doing.”

Defining the KDR Style

“We like straight lines and designs that are low on clutter; functional homes built for entertaining,” she explains when asked about their signature style. “We like a very clean look that’s kind of European.”

In recent years, Domenica has seen some clear trends appear as the wants and needs of their clients change. “Our clients are often looking for bigger windows, and creative opportunities to bring the outside in with more light. Also pools, fire pits, hot tub areas and other outdoor living perks are now more common – they want to enjoy these simple pleasures right in their backyard without having to go to a spa or resort.”

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KDR Design Builders

Why KDR Loves Building in Sage Creek

KDR has built a wide variety of homes in Sage Creek, ranging between 500K-900K in price. They currently have a beautiful walkout show home that saw a great turnout during this year’s Fall Parade of Homes.

“During the Fall Parade of Homes we found it to be one of the busiest areas in the city,” Domenica explains. “Now that the community has been around for a while, people are seeing the infrastructure and the beauty of the area. While it used to feel like it’s on the outskirts, people don’t see it that way anymore. It feels a lot closer than some of the other communities. It’s a place where people really want to be.”

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