The History of Hearth Homes

Hearth Homes was started by Rob and Nancy Wickstrom over 42 years ago in British Columbia. After moving to Winnipeg in 1985, they began building homes here on the prairies. Named after the spot in the house directly in front of the fireplace – what many call the soul of the home – Hearth Homes brings a level of warmth to their work, both in terms of design and customer service. As one of Winnipeg’s top custom home builders, Hearth Homes is known for their award winning designs and attention to detail.

What Sets Hearth Homes Apart

Rob and Nancy’s son Matt Wickstrom joined the Hearth Homes team 15 years ago – he is now Vice President of the company. When asked about what sets them apart, he answered that it’s the personal touch.

“We’re a family-owned company, so we have fewer builds and a smaller tight-knit team – this allows us to be more personal,” he explains. “We build about 15 houses a year, so we are able to give dedicated one-on-one service. We really get to know our clients, finding the right fit now and for their future.”

And while integrating the latest technology into homes is a focus, Hearth Homes has also integrated it into their home building process.

“We use BuilderTREND, which is a web-based construction management application,” Matt explains. “It allows us to consolidate all of the info about the build to keep it organized and accessible in one place. The main thing is that it allows clients to log in and view their build info online, including the schedule, change orders, pictures, daily log updates and more.”

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Hearth Homes - 33 East Plains Dr.

Defining the Hearth Homes Style

“I would say it’s a mix of classic with modern elements, which won’t age as quickly as fully modern designs,” Matt explains when asked about their signature style. “One thing that a lot of people say is that our homes are warm, and that they can really see themselves living in them.”

Why Hearth Homes Loves Building in Sage Creek

“We love building in Sage Creek because it’s a Qualico community, and they’re a company with a lot of integrity. We’ve had a great relationship with them for over twenty years,” Matt explains. “From the very beginning they’ve had a strong vision. Sage Creek has a lot of amenities, parks, play structures and paths. It gives you that feeling of travelling back to a time where families really get to know the community and other families.”

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