The History of Artista Homes

Artista Homes is a family owned and run company led by Frank Cotroneo, his three brothers and his brother-in-law. Their father, Antonino Cotroneo Sr., got his start in the construction industry as a stone mason in Italy. After moving to Canada, he began working in the construction industry and would bring his sons along to job sites. Growing up in and around the industry, the Cotroneo brothers knew from a young age that this would be their calling.

What Sets Artista Homes Apart

Artista is known for their breathtaking custom home designs. No two builds are the same, and the Cotroneo brothers will stop at nothing to bring their clients’ vision to life. Frank Cotroneo prides himself on running a professional, service-focused business where the brothers are directly involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations, from customer service to marketing and design.

Defining the Artista Style

Artista’s style could be called contemporary, but they like to push the envelope to give their clients a one-of-a-kind product, making their innovative designs difficult to fit into any one category. From resort-esque backyards to ultra-creative sports basements, if you can dream it they can build it.

“What sets us apart is our style; I call it the Artista style. It isn’t something that you can open a magazine and see – it’s unique,” Frank Cotroneo explains.

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Why Artista Loves Building in Sage Creek

For a custom builder like Artista, Sage Creek offers a great deal of freedom in what you can design. “We love building homes in this neighbourhood,” Frank explains. “The area is fantastic, and it has excellent commercial and retail spaces right there in the Village Centre. Grocery, restaurants, a veterinarian, banks… you can walk to the store without even leaving the community.”

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