Sage Creek is a vibrant community that is swiftly growing into a richly diverse neighbourhood with something for everyone. Whether you are starting fresh, redesigning your life or entering the next stage, here are the top three reasons why you should choose Sage Creek as your community.Why choose Sage Creek-Welcoming

It’s welcoming

Although Sage Creek is located on the southeastern edge of Winnipeg, it has a small town feel. Residents here have an invested interest in their neighbourhood and want to see it flourish. With associations such as the Sage Creek Residents’ Association (SCRA) who have their own green team and put on events such as New Years Eve Fireworks, a Canada Day Celebration and a Halloween trick-or-treat on the trails; there are plenty of opportunities for neighbours to meet one another.

Other ways for residents to get involved in their community and work towards common goals is through The Sage Creek Parent Advisory Council (PAC). This volunteer group supports the students of École Sage Creek School by hosting fundraisers, hot lunches and events such as Run Sage Creek.

For the past two years, this close-knit community has held a local craft sale called The Sage Creek Holiday Pop-Up, where residents could do their holiday shopping in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

The welcoming and lively spirit of Sage Creek’s residents not only make this area a friendly place to live, but also attracts commercial development in the area.Why choose Sage Creek-Amenities

Amenities galore

The hub of this community is its Village Centre, where residents can enjoy a growing list of shopping, dining, lifestyle and professional service options that are all accessible just minutes from home by car, or through Sage Creek’s network of trails.

Day-to-day essentials that are available in the Village Centre include groceries, gas, banking, fitness classes and pet care services, as well as physiotherapy, eye exams and dental appointments. Residents can also enjoy a variety of restaurants to dine with friends indoors and out.

Alongside all of these nearby amenities is École Sage Creek School  (with two additional schools currently in the works) and several daycares for Sage Creek residents to enjoy including Rainbow Day Nursery and Living Prairie Childcare.Why choose Sage Creek- Streetscapes

Beautiful streetscapes

This growing neighbourhood has been thoughtfully designed using architectural guidelines to create streetscapes that allow for creative sightlines throughout the community. Utilizing a variety of home styles, fencing types, landscaping and public art, Sage Creek is an energizing and diverse community.

Whether you are looking for an apartment, townhome-style condominium, bungalow, two-storey or wetland walk-out, Sage Creek has a variety of options for everyone.

All of these home styles are built to Sage Creek’s architectural guidelines, which encourage builders to use different materials, colours and shapes when designing each home’s exterior. This helps to set each home apart from one another to avoid a cookie-cutter streetscape.

Interwoven through Sage Creek’s residential and commercial buildings is public art. From towering stone pillars that mark the wetlands, to wayfinding sculptures created by local artists, a variety of public art pieces are strategically placed throughout Sage Creek to create a lasting impact to both its visitors and residents.

For those searching for a neighbourhood with something extra, Sage Creek hits the mark. This charming neighbourhood has evolved into a vibrant and thriving community – come see for yourself!