With over 1,000 households now in Sage Creek, it is time to formally establish a Sage Creek Residents’ Association.

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association can be an organization whereby Sage Creek community members can take action on issues and concerns that affect their neighbourhood. In addition to issues that may arise in the future, some of the main issues facing Sage Creek today are:

  1. Schools;
  2. Recreation and community facilities;
  3. Daycare;
  4. Transit services; and
  5. Community relations.

Reasons why having a Residents’ Association in Sage Creek is important:

  1. Establish an identity and credibility with external organizations;
  2. Be heard as a unified force within the community, The City of Winnipeg, and the Province at large, to ensure that your interests and concerns are represented; and
  3. Make living in your community more enjoyable.

Your support is required to make this happen!

The first step towards a voice for Sage Creek is setting up a Board of Directors and formalizing the Residents’ Association.



Those interested in representing their community and advocating for the needs of the residents should send an email to