Whenever we see an opportunity to create a pleasant sightline in Sage Creek, we like to take advantage of it. Putting up a fence is not just a way to draw a line between properties, but a chance to build an attractive feature in the community.

In an effort to serve this principle and maintain consistency in design throughout, Qualico Communities installs developer fencing along lots adjacent to public reserve areas, parks, arterial roads and even back lanes. It includes solid wood, wrought iron style and chain-link fencing designed by our architects and installed by our team of professionals.

Inevitably, some questions arise as to what homeowners can or cannot do with a developer-installed fence on their property. These answers can be found in the Building/Development Scheme Agreement that is registered by caveat on each property containing developer installed fencing. The details of which can be a bit daunting, so we’ll give the main points here.

Firstly, a homeowner cannot remove or relocate a developer-installed fence. The fences are installed in precise locations to maximize views and/or lot usage.  Second, in an effort to maintain a consistent feel, homeowners cannot paint, stain, or modify a developer-installed fence in any manner that disrupts the uniform look.

Open fence lots, which feature the wrought-iron style or chain-link developer-installed fences, have an additional requirement. To maintain a consistent sightline along the fence, homeowners cannot locate any artificial visual screening or out-building within three meters of these fences. This includes sheds, screens, solid wood fencing and other types of structures. Horticultural elements however, such as vines, shrubs and trees, are permitted and even encouraged.

The Building/Development Scheme Agreement is written such that any homeowner can impose these requirements upon another homeowner within the same subdivision. Compliance can be taken as far as the court of law, but in the interest of friendly neighbourhoods we would ask that before it gets to that point, contact Qualico Communities for assistance in resolving the issue.

We do our best to make sure homeowners are aware of the requirements surrounding developer fencing and will kindly offer guidance to anyone with questions or concerns.

Should you require further information please email info@sagecreek.ca.