The Sage Creek Residents’ Association

Mar 13, 2019

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association (SCRA) has become a key player in the development of Sage Creek. This energetic and welcoming association helps to unify those who are living in Sage Creek by giving neighbours an opportunity to come together to share ideas and work cooperatively to make their community a better place to live.

This is done by organizing social events, community clean-ups, monitoring development proposals, as well as, working to increase safety, protecting natural areas, and raising funds to improve parks, amenities, infrastructure and more.

“When we began developing Sage Creek, we worked closely with the first few residents to help them come together as a group and to formalize their relationship as the Sage Creek Residents’ Association so that they could become the voice of the community,” explains Lyne Jones, senior development manager at Qualico Communities.

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association was officially formed in May 2013.

“Qualico Communities has been a big backer of our association,” says Lang Wong, director and social chair of the Sage Creek Residents’ Association. “They’ve supplied us with a place to meet, provided resources to help us run our first few events, and equipped us with expertise to help us get things going.”

Forming the Sage Creek Residents’ Association gives residents the opportunity to speak with a unified voice and become an advocate in their community. This two-way communication plays an important role when developing a new subdivision.

“We communicate with the Sage Creek Residents’ Association as much as possible because it’s very important to hear what they have to say and to respond to their feedback,” explains Jones. “This gives strength both to us as a developer and to the residents because it helps them have a voice in forming their neighbourhood and it helps us create a community that the residents love and want to be a part of.”

Throughout the years the Sage Creek Residents’ Association has helped build the culture of Sage Creek and has watched the community grow.

“We’ve come such a long way from the beginning and we’ve created quite the community in Sage Creek,” says Lang. “We have a very tight community and it goes back to how it was built with the network of trails that lead towards the Village Crentre – it all helps us to connect.”

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association is always looking for volunteers to help with exciting new projects.

“We’re always looking for new voices and new energy to bring into our association,” explains Lang. “We want people to be engaged and involved in whatever way they feel comfortable.”

Becoming a part of the Sage Creek Residents’ Association is a great way to give back to your neighbourhood and connect with other residents. It can enhance family supports such as connecting with babysitters and other professionals during social events.

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association can be found online through their website and through their Facebook page where members can share their thoughts and ideas with other local residents.

This connection also helps strengthen the safety of a community because people who know each other are often more willing to look out for one another. Not to mention, having the Sage Creek Residents’ Association gives residents the opportunity to help shape their neighbourhood into one that they can cherish for years to come.

“In new communities, everyone is trying to make connections,” Lang adds. “We want these kids to grow up and say ‘this is what we did in our community’ whether it was trick-or-treating on the trails, Canada Day or New Year’s Eve fireworks – we want our Sage Creek community to be memorable.”