As our Village Centre North expands, Sage Creek welcomes its first bakery and pastry into the community. Charito Bakery & Pastry will offer Sage Creek residents a variety of fresh artisan breads, cookies and cakes with plenty of other baked goods that are made daily.

Charito Bakery & Pastry may be new to Sage Creek but owner and general manager Raul Armando Sanchez Plasencia, has over 20 years of industry experience and comes from a long line of bakers.

“I’m a third-generation baker. My grandparents were from a small town in Ecuador called Sigsig that consisted of about 500 people. This is where they started a bakery business using traditional artisan recipes,” explains Sanchez.

Charito Bakery Collage

“My parents continued this concept by opening a bakery in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador.

From there, my brothers and I expanded its business model to create a larger brand of artisan bakeries and pastries throughout Cuenca. Today, we have 11 locations in Cuenca with an additional two that are currently under construction.”

Sanchez has been a general manager for more than 10 bakeries in Ecuador.

“At this time, Canada was not on my list of possible places to live,” explains Sanchez. “Not because of a lack of appreciation, but rather I’d never thought of it.”

That all changed in 2018, when Sanchez came to Canada to study systems engineering.

“My family and I were planning to go back to Ecuador afterwards, but we fell in love with Winnipeg. The quietness, free from stress, cozy, full of life and spirit, pleasing to the eye. All of this led us to stay in Winnipeg.”

Now Sanchez is excited to bring the flavours of Ecuador to Winnipeg. Together with his wife and brother, he will be working on Charito Bakery & Pastry’s production here in Sage Creek.

“To me, baking is a wonderful way to be able to share food and see people’s faces full of joy while eating,” says Sanchez. “I meet amazing people in this industry and have very good friends because of it.”

With the addition of Charito Bakery & Pastry in our Village Centre North, the community of Sage Creek will have easy access to a variety of artisan breads and baked goods from around the world.

“At Charito Bakery & Pastry, we strive to always create new products,” says Sanchez. “We will offer baked goods that are usually only found in the small towns of Ecuador and give Winnipeggers an abundance of recipes inspired by traditional artisan snacks from other countries.”

Charito Bakery & Pastry will be opening at 519-55 Sage Creek Blvd and will offer original breakfast options and various types of coffees.

On behalf of the Sage Creek community, we’re excited to give Charito Bakery & Pastry a warm welcome! Stay tuned for more information on Charito Bakery & Pastry’s grand opening later this year as we’ll be sure to share more details once we receive them.