Qualico Communities is beginning a planning exercise for the future development of Phase 10 in Sage Creek. On Tuesday, January 26th, Landmark Planning & Design, on behalf of Qualico Communities, hosted a virtual webinar to update residents and other interested parties on the next phase of development.

Phase 10 is the final phase of development in Sage Creek and encompasses approximately 144 acres of land. You can see the entire area highlighted in yellow on the map above.

Presentation Overview

The full presentation is now available on the Landmark Planning & Design website and can be viewed here: Sage Creek Phase 10 | Landmark Planning | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Q & A

The webinar included a chance for residents to ask questions and have them answered by the Qualico Communities team. We also had the Honourable Andrew Smith and members from the Sage Creek Resident’s Association in attendance, who were able to address some questions as well. Below is a summary of a selection of questions that were asked.

Q. When would construction roughly start and finish on Phase 10?
A. Ideally, the larger infrastructure would start as soon as possible with servicing to start late 2021. Completion of all of Phase 10 will be market driven.

Q. When will lots be released for purchase in Phase 10?
A. This is still being determined, likely within the next year or so. Feel free to contact Qualico Communities directly at info@sagecreek.com and please sign-up for our lot release emails here: Sign Up For News – Sage Creek, Winnipeg MB (qualicocommunities.com)

Q. Is there any discussion around a Community Centre?
A. A recreation facility space has not been contemplated as part of the secondary plan and is not part of the City’s plan. Skating rinks and other types of recreation spaces may be considered for the Public Reserve space in Phase 10.

Q. Who decides where Community Centres are located?
A. The City makes decisions regarding Community Centres.

Q. Will Kotelko Drive be paved?
A. Kotelko is within the roads right of way for the PTH 59 (Provincial) and will remain in some form but it will likely not be paved.

Q. Are there any more plans with the Hydro corridor?
A. Qualico Communities is working with MB Hydro and the City to continue to build on the trails already featured in Sage Creek.

Q. Will there be wider lot sizes to accommodate triple garages?
A. Phase 10 is planned to incorporate a mix of lot sizes and lot types. It is likely that there will be a small selection of these larger lots included in this phase.

Q. Does the completion of Phase 10 have any connection with the completion and opening of the eastern end of Warde Avenue to Plessis Road?
A. Most likely not an immediate connection. Plessis Road is a boundary road between the City and the adjacent Municipality and not connected with the build-out of Phase 10.

Q. When will Des Hivernant Boulevard connect to Bishop Grandin?
A. A specific timeline is not available from the City at this time but it is part of the plan.

Q. Any plans for adding recycling containers along with garbage cans along the walking paths?
A. This is something the City would need to approve. The Sage Creek’s Resident’s Association could advocate for this.

Q. Are there plans for a school in Phase 10?
A. This is included as part of the planning process but ultimately is a provincial decision. The Province did recently announce $24 million for purchasing land for future school sites. This includes a new K-8 school in Sage Creek. If you have additional questions we recommend contacting the Louis Riel School Division for more up-to-date information: Louis Riel School Division (lrsd.net)

Q. Are there going to be any bungalow style 55+ condo units?
A. This will certainly be considered based on market demand.