Your home exterior is just as important as the interior, which is why landscaping is such an important part of the design process. There are many possibilities when creating a plan and it can be easy to forget what goes in to maintaining your landscaped yard once it’s complete.

Summers are a popular time for families to get out and enjoy the warm weather, so you might want to consider how much time you’ll want to dedicate to maintaining your yard. That’s why designing a low maintenance backyard that is still esthetically pleasing is a great idea. Here are some tips to get you started!

Incorporate Native Plants

It can be easy to think of native plants as wild or like weeds because of the similarity in growth and appearance, but that isn’t not the case! Native grasses are incorporated throughout RidgeWood West and a great addition to your landscaping plans. They require a lot less maintenance to survive and play a big role in giving back to the environment.

When choosing your plants, stick with ones that are not as invasive. Choose plants like:

  • Blazing Star (Liatris ligulistylis)
  • Blue Flag Wild Iris (Iris versicolor)
  • Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)
  • Prairie Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana)

Native plants require less watering and fertilizers to grow the plants, because they thrive off of local soils, moisture and weather. That means less supplemental watering, which can be wasteful, and there is less of a chance for pest problems. Native plants also assist in managing rain water runoff and maintain healthy soil as their root systems are deep and keep soil from being compacted.

Choose your Greenery and Plant Them Wisely

When deciding on what to plant, it’s important to keep in mind a few things that will factor into your plans.

  1. Be aware of how the plant will grow by giving them enough room to properly grow and flourish. You’ll want to find out if the plant spreads out, grows tall or if it will it need structural support, like lattice or wire, to grow against.
  2. Know how to care for the plant, during Winnipeg winters, so you can prevent your new plants from freezing. Know whether or not the bulbs need to be removed, the leaves need trimmed down, or needs to be protected by burlap or mulch to protect the roots.

Add Stone to your Design Plan

An easy way to transform your backyard, yet still keeping it low maintenance, is hardscaping. Hardscaping refers to landscaping that incorporates architectural features such as paths or retaining walls using permanent materials like stone and brick.

With hardscaping, you have the opportunity to get creative and really make you backyard unique. Adding larger area surrounded by natural stone to create an outdoor living room which can also be an extension of your home’s design. It can also easily add texture and dimension to your outdoor space.

Working large stones into your plans will require help of a landscaping company with heavy equipment. Even though this is not a “DIY” project, and will add to your budget, the work is permanent and the long-term impact is spectacular making it worth the investment.

Focus your Attention on an Entertaining Space

Think of other options for your landscaping besides flower beds and greenery. Entertaining spaces outside will not only create more room for you to enjoy your backyard, but help cut down your mowing time and the need for more plants and grass.

It can be overwhelming to know what will work best in your yard and what will complement the surrounding scenery. We suggest connecting with a landscaper to talk through a variety of options to find the best design for your home.

Happy Landscaping!