A house doesn’t become a home until it’s been lived in, new memories have been made and personal touches have been added to make it uniquely the residents home.

Whether you are in the process of building or just moved in and looking to decorate to your personal style, you can always find ways to personalize your home. It can be personalized to reflect your family, the way you live and what you want. Your home needs to be a place that compliments you and is a place that’s comfortable and welcoming in your unique way.

Personalization During the Build

If you are currently building your home in Sage Creek, you are most likely working closely with your builder and providing them with a list of what you want in your home. Here are some ideas and tips to take with you to your next meeting.

Finding Functionality

Building a home that will reflect how you and your family live on a day to day basis is important. Think about where you spend the most time in your home and focus on those spaces to increase how your family will function. If you’re doing several loads of laundry a week on top of making school lunches or dinner, having your laundry on the same floor can maximum your ability to multitask.

Other ways you can increase your home’s functionality:

  • Open floor plans allow for effortless flow throughout the home and allow the space to feel a lot bigger and more spacious.
  • Flex rooms (a.k.a dual purpose rooms) combine two rooms into one to create a multipurpose room (ex. craft room and laundry room or an exercise and study room)
  • Deck out your mudroom with storage, hooks and benches to get the most out of your space

Creating a Unique Space

Make sure to create space that is unique to your families favourite activities or if it will eventually grow. Whether that’s adding another bedroom for future children but in the meantime, using it as an office. If you watch movies, think about adding your very own movie theatre in the basement or if you love to entertain, add multiple hosting areas in the kitchen or outdoors.

Adding the Finishing touches

This is when your style can truly come through in your home. Picking finishes like tile, carpet, faucets, etc. in colours and metals that reflex you will make the home that much more personalized. This also includes paint colour, furniture and décor pieces (ex. plants and statues).

Tip: Check out our New Home Buyer’s Guide to learn more about building your new home!

Personalization After the Build

Decorating your Walls

What you put on your walls is a personal choice and something that will instantly bring life to a room.  Hanging artwork from your previous house or inherited from family members can instantly make your house feel like your home. You can also purchase new artwork that may remind you of a specific memory or works better with the overall aesthetics of the home.

Sometimes it’s can be a good idea to decorate your home with artwork first and live in the space before choosing your paint colour!

Another very personal touch is creating a gallery wall of personal photos. It’s a beautiful way display memories or even your children’s artwork.

Tip: It could also be a fun activity with your kids to create your own abstract art. Choose colours that work for the room and then let the creative process happen!

Creating your “Home Scent”

Start by letting the fresh air scent fill your home by opening up all the windows in your home! When you walk into a home, the first thing you may notice is the smell. Everyone home has a distinct smell that becomes a visitor notice. It can be from what is frequently cooked or the air fresheners being used. To get your home smelling warm and welcoming, why not bake your first batch of cookies or choose your favourite candle to burn.

Tip: Soy wax candles emit no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, unlike other petroleum-based paraffin candles, which is much safer for your home and reduces any sensitivities. Plus, they have a much longer burning time.

Adding cozy furniture and textiles

A space can be transformed instantly with furniture and textiles. Incorporating warm colours and cozy textures like fur and knit, you can create a welcoming room and a place to spend the evening curled up with a book. Have some fun with your approach and don’t be afraid to mix solids, patterns and stripes.

By implementing some of these ideas and tips into your new house, you can create a home to reflect your family’s personal interests and style. Contact a builder on how you can get started on creating a home right for you.