The History of Sterling Homes

A proud member of the Qualico family of home builders, Sterling Homes was created in 1951 to offer custom homes at an affordable price. “Many people choose our homes as a way to connect generations – they want to build a home with enough room to spread out and grow, or even for grandparents or grandchildren to have their own space,” says Courtney Sims, Marketing Coordinator for Qualico Single Family Homes. “Sterling is focused on family living, and we offer a great deal of features and enhancements that make our homes unique.”

What Sets Sterling Homes Apart

Sterling has built a strong reputation in Winnipeg by offering a wide range of floor plans focused on flexibility and adaptability. “We are very responsive to the marketplace and we’ve made it our top priority to incorporate features and plans that appeal to today’s homebuyers,” Courtney explains. “Also, our price is a huge selling feature –  when you choose Sterling, you’re getting big bang for your buck, all backed by the reliability and quality of an experienced Qualico builder.”

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Sterling Homes

Defining the Sterling Style

“Many buyers are second and third-time homebuyers and are really interested in square footage and high-end features,” Courtney observes. “Our homes have the room that people need, and they come in a wide range of design styles to fit any taste.”

Bright living spaces and large open concept kitchens are the hallmarks of the Sterling line, where comfort, class and family-living are paramount. Modern finishes and contemporary designs meet warmth and liveability, making Sterling Homes perfect for growing families and those with a passion for entertaining.

Why Sterling Loves Building in Sage Creek

“The community has such a diverse group of people living there; it’s a fantastic place to live and it’s proven to be a great marketplace for Sterling,” Courtney answers when asked how the builder has faired in Sage Creek. “We’ve built a ton of bungalows and two stories, of all shapes sizes. People are looking for their dream home and we are happy to deliver.”

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Sterling Homes

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