The History of Randall Homes

Randall Homes was founded in 1983 by Randy Jaquet. “His vision was to build quality homes at a very good price with unique designs and features for your everyday lifestyle,” explains Randy’s son Jason Jaquet, Vice President of Randall Homes.

Over the past 33 years, much has changed in the way homes are designed and built. Evolving with the times has been essential to Randall Homes’ success. For Jason, it’s about more than adapting – to be a leader, you need to be at the forefront of what’s new and exciting. “We have always evolved to be one step ahead, to plan for next year, and be innovative in our designs,” he explains.

What Sets Randall Homes Apart

When asked what sets Randall Homes apart here in Winnipeg, Jason points to their strong reputation as a family business that’s offered exceptional quality, style and service for over 30 years. Of course, it’s their team that makes is all possible.

“What sets us apart is our fantastic internal staff who have been here for a long time – they enjoy working here,” he explains. “On top of that, many of our sub-trades and contractors have worked with us for over 30 years. Everyone knows the process and what we want for the product. Also, our strong customer service with a full-time department set us apart; we’re there for the duration of the build and long after.”

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Defining the Randall Style

From townhouses and side-by-sides, stand-alone single family homes and even custom houses through their Avanti brand, Randall Homes truly offers the full range of home options. Style-wise, their homes are equally diverse.

“Our style continues to evolve and change,” Jason explains. “We are always trying to find the latest trends and do a lot of focused research to see what people are asking for. Ten years ago, for example, people wanted a separate living room and dining room. Now they want a big great room and open space. And for the exterior, people really want custom features. People are looking for cleaner lines on the roof and unique finishing materials. The nice thing is that when people buy from Randall or Avanti, they get access to our in-house design studio to see how it all comes together.”

Why Randall Homes Loves Building in Sage Creek

Randall Homes has been building in Sage Creek since the start, with builds ranging from single family homes to condo projects and townhouses. “We love the area and are happy to have helped it evolve into one of Winnipeg’s premiere neighbourhoods,” Jason explains. “Qualico has done such a great job with the community; they have beautiful parks and walkways connecting everything, and the Village Centre is great with all of those amenities right in the neighbourhood. You can take care of all your needs right there without leaving Sage Creek.”

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