All properties in Sage Creek have a portion of the front lawn that belongs to the City of Winnipeg – the boulevard. This area is typically from the curb to about 10-15 feet into your yard (it varies by property). Most residents know to mow the grass on this part of your yard. But the rules can get a bit fuzzy when it comes to other city boulevards, like areas where there’s a sidewalk in front of your property or you are on a corner lot with a side boulevard.

The City of Winnipeg’s policy on boulevard maintenance states that all homeowners are responsible for maintaining the front and side boulevards surrounding their property UNLESS the boulevard is more than 20 feet wide or you are located on a regional street. Medians are always the responsibility of City maintenance crews.

Full details on boulevard maintenance can be found in section 8 of the City of Winnipeg Neighbourhood Liveability By-Law.

If you have any questions regarding boulevard maintenance, or you want to confirm your property is located on a regional street or the boulevard is wider than 20 feet, please call or email 311.