An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of dirt in the spring.  Here are five things you can do now to ensure a beautiful (and easy) garden in the spring.

Now is a great time to determine what worked and what didn’t work in your garden this year. By spring, you may have forgotten.  Does something need to be moved? Are your perennials getting out of control? Do you want to introduce a new colour? Might as well start making changes now.

Divide and Share Perennials
Some perennials spread like weeds. Maximize their beauty by dividing them and moving some to a new area of the garden or share them with friends.

On the other hand, you may have noticed some of your perennials are not thriving.  Check online to see how much sun or water they might need and consider moving them to another part of your garden.

Planting bulbs
Do you love springtime flowers such as daffodils, tulips or crocuses?  The best time to plant them is by mid-October, before the ground freezes.  Remember to plant them with the pointed end up. A layer of mulch will protect them from extreme changes of temperature.

Keep your trees and shrubs happy by watering them thoroughly before the ground freezes. Ensuring they are well hydrated will help them get through the tough Manitoba winter.

To Mulch or not to Mulch
In Manitoba, it is often better to leave your perennials standing. With a blanket of snow on top, it will help protect the roots.  At the same time, stems and seedheads can provide shelter and food for birds.

If you decide to cut back your perennials, wait until the leaves and stems are brown or yellow.  If they are green right up until the snow, wait to cut them back in the spring.


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