Robert Bockstael Drive Street Opening

Jun 23, 2016
A community builder and civil servant, Robert Bockstael was recognized at a ceremony to mark the street in Sage Creek that was named in his honour.

Updated July 22 - Cell Tower & McDonald's Open House Summary

Jun 22, 2016
Update on Public Hearing and Traffic Assessment – – On June 7, we held an open house for the residents of Sage Creek and surrounding communities to view plans for a proposed McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant and a cell tower. Residents were encouraged to leave feedback and share comments.

Exciting Village Square Additions Continue to Draw Visitors to Sage Creek

Jun 21, 2016
Many passed through the Spring Parade of Homes in Sage Creek to see just how much the community has developed in a few short years.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Green Gardening

Jun 16, 2016
‘Green’ gardening is earth-friendly, organic or environmentally-friendly gardening. In other words, the kind of gardening you can enjoy, feel good about and know you’re doing your part to create a healthy planet!

Canada Day in Sage Creek! You Won’t Want to Miss It…

Jun 14, 2016
Canada Day will be even more spectacular than last years in the community of Sage Creek. With the addition of new activities, there is something the whole family can enjoy. You may want to rethink leaving the city.

State-of-the-Art School Coming Soon to Sage Creek

Jun 9, 2016
A state-of-the-art school is opening for the 2017-18 school year for student within Sage Creek. It will offer a new style of architecture, reflective of the evolving 21st century learning practices.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Shelter

Jun 2, 2016
No matter your gardening style, resources or how much green space you have to play with, wildlife-friendly gardening is possible for everyone. And it can be so beautiful!

Open House - McDonald's and Preliminary Cell Tower Information

May 31, 2016
Join us Tuesday, June 7th for an Open House on McDonald's in the Village Centre and our current proposed cell tower location.