Sage Creek welcomes the new aurora sculpture in its village centre plaza. Unveiled on Monday October 15, 2018, the Aurora is a large contemporary piece made of stainless steel. It is ground mounted but because of the alternating coloured lights, it appears as though it’s floating.

The waves of the Aurora are ribbon-like which allow light to dance off of its many contours and in turn, creates playful light reflections in its surrounding area.

Local artist Darren Sakwi, of Stainless Concepts says, “I chose stainless steel because it’s highly reflective and it takes the light and reflects it so you are able to see the light patterns from afar. Stainless is my choice of metal because it’s clean and it doesn’t rust; it’s cold but I think once you add light, it really warms the sculpture up.”

The Aurora is Sakwi’s largest creation yet and is a piece of great pride.

“The Aurora Borealis is something we don’t see every day but when you do, it really stops you in your tracks and makes you want to take a break to cherish the sight,” says Sakwi. “My favourite aspect of creating the Aurora was being able to take something that doesn’t have a set shape and making it permanent.”

The Aurora was built in multiple pieces that come together as a single structure. Because of its size and complexity there were a few challenges.

“One of the biggest hurdles was the size of it, explains Sakwi. “My shop is only so big so I was lucky enough to use my neighbour’s space to build and finish it off. Another challenge was making sure the Aurora is structurally sound, so I worked with an engineer to ensure it was built properly and with safety in mind.”

“If you look at how we connected each segment, it goes to show that there’s an art in putting it together,” adds Sakwi.

As the sculpture was being erected onto its platform, people began taking photos.

“The sculpture stands out because once you put light on the Aurora, it looks as though it is rippled and has ribs but when you touch it and run you hand across it, it’s smooth,” Sakwi explains.”

“I really hope that the Aurora brings people together and becomes a place where they can gather to admire, critique or try to understand what the sculpture means,” adds Sakwi.

The Aurora is now a striking feature that is located in the pedestrian heart of Sage Creek’s village centre. The plaza includes landscaping, public seating and provides an opportunity for special events.

Sakwi says, “I want to thank the McGowan Russell Group for inviting me to submit my idea. And of course, a big thank you to Qualico for supporting local artists and for the opportunity to incorporate my artwork into Sage Creek.”