Sage Creek is a community ideal for getting out and exploring all season long with your pet, even in the winter. Once the snow falls, it can be easy to go into hibernation during the colder months but, it’s important to make sure you and your four-legged friend stay active and healthy this winter. That’s why we’ve asked the Sage Creek Animal Hospital to share some tips on how to stay active with your pet in the community during the next few months.

Keep it short: During the cold weather the nice long runs that you may be used too can put you and Fido at risk for hypothermia or frostbite. Running faster for shorter periods of time can allow the same exercise quality with less risk.

Keep breeds in mind: Different breeds are made for different types of weather. An Alaskan Malamute vs a Chihuahua will fair differently in the cold weather, know your breed and their needs.

Dress for the weather: The northern dog breeds may not need any assistance with cold weather wear, but your Shih Tzu may need a coat and booties to keep warm. Think about picking up a jacket or sweater for your pup who may have shorter fur, or booties for pets with sensitive paws. Your pet may not be welcoming of the new dress code, but give them some time to adjust to wearing it.

Stay hydrated: Water intake in the winter is just as important as during the summer. Encouraging them to drink more water can be a challenge, so keeping water clean and fresh available to them is important.

Mental Stimulation: If the weather is too cold stay indoors and play games that will challenge your pet mentally, this can be even more exhausting that physical exercise. Activities like teaching your dog a new trick, playing tug-a-war or even setting up play dates with other pets in the neighbourhood.

Precautions: Ingestion of antifreeze can cause kidney stones and failure. Be cautious around metal objects, and moist paw pads, noses or tongues may stick to them. Refrain from allowing your pet to eat snow as it may be contaminated with chemicals, salt, car oil, etc.  Watch your step for slippery ice. If you need to use an ice melting product, make sure to purchase one that is pet friendly. There are some on the market that are poisonous to pets or can burn their paws.

Fun activities outdoors: Snowshoeing, skijoring, walk in the woods, tracking/retrieving

Fun activities indoors: Agility, fly ball, disc dog, rally obedience

We hope these tips from Sage Creek Animal Hospital will help you get out an enjoy all the fun Sage Creek has to offer during the cold.