Schools are officially empty as kids have left their notebooks behind and are now enjoying a week-long break filled with fun and a little extra sleep. There is no doubt that spring break is a great time to spend quality time as a family and plan some organize activities, which is why we’ve put together some ideas if you’ve left your plans until last minute or just looking for some other options.

One of the biggest decisions to make when it comes to how you’ll spend the week is whether or not you’ll be vacationing or choosing the option of a staycation. Whichever you choose, there are plenty of places to go and activities to take part in to avoid running out of things to do.

Choosing to Staycation?

Spring Break doesn’t have to mean you have to jet off to Disneyworld or Mexico. If you’re opting for a staycation, there are a ton of things to do within the city and your community to keep you busy from beginning to end. Here are some fun ideas to get you started when planning the week’s itinerary!

Spend a day at the museum

Winnipeg is home to a wide selection of museums whether you’re looking for a historical and cultural lesson at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or Manitoba Museum or some interactive, educational fun at the Manitoba Children’s Museum. Take a guided tour or roam through the exhibits through a self-guided tour and spend the day learning.

Take a week-long day camp

Sometimes you don’t have the option of taking the week off from work, so signing your kids up for a day camp is a practical, yet fun option to keep them busy all week. For a full list of camps available within the city, check out this great list for some ideas. Just remember that some may be sold out!

Explore the community

There is so much to do within your community already, so why not take the week to explore your neighbourhood. Start your morning off on a walk along the naturalized wetlands trails, head over to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in the Village Centre or organize some of your favourite outdoor games with your neighbours.

Choosing to Vacation?

If you’ve booked the week off from work in advance, you’ve most likely already planned a family vacation. But if you’ve been able to get a few days off or got the week off last minute and won’t be able to plan a cross country trip, there are options close to home that still get you out on a mini-trip.

Book time at a resort

Spend the weekend at a resort at one of Manitoba’s Cottage Country destinations like the Falcon Lake Resort, which is a the perfect getaway to get excited about. Take in the scenery and outdoor activities or stay warm and cozy in front of a fire while playing board games all night.

Take a drive to Gimli

With a variety of accommodation options like hotels, bed and breakfasts and cabins, Gimli is a good option for those looking to do everything from visit a museum, ride along the snowmobile trails, take a hike, walk the main street or sip on a cup of coffee from Flatland Coffee Co.

Discover FortWhyte

This may not require you to pack an overnight bag, but it’s certainly a fun day trip with the kids. There are many activities available to explore the great outdoors. Visit their website for a full listing of activities to take part in!

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