Qualico Communities’ commitment to sustainability is core to our culture and embedded in our communities. It is part of who we are and we demonstrate this commitment each day by creating natural environments where people, plants and wildlife coexist. Outside of the communities we build, we believe there is also a role for us to play. We are proud to announce the extension of our partnership with the Manitoba Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for a new three-year term.

As a result of Qualico Communities’ support over the past four years, NCC has been able to expand their conservation work in the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area, which supports one of the last large, intact blocks of mixed-grass prairie in Manitoba as well as aspen parkland and spruce forests. The Assiniboine Delta encompasses the largest sandhill complex in Manitoba and represents a key habitat area for the endangered prairie skink (Manitoba’s only lizard), rare hognosed snakes, wolves, large herds of elk and an abundance of other wildlife.

Assiniboine Delta by Jordan Becker

“Our team is really excited to play a continued role in protecting the Assiniboine Delta Natural Area. The Assiniboine Delta reaches close to the city, yet it’s raw and rich in biodiversity and high ecological value,” explains Eric Vogan, Vice-President of Qualico Communities. “Protecting Manitoba lands is our focus because it is the right thing to do. We want to set the bar for how developers approach land, both inside and outside our communities.”

“We are honoured to have such a prominent Canadian and Manitoban company lend their name, efforts and leadership to our conservation efforts,” stated the NCC’s Manitoba Regional Vice-President, Jeff Polakoff. “We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Qualico in ensuring that the special lands, plants and animals that we conserve continue to make Manitoba a special place for generations to come.”

Qualico Communities incorporates several practical, sustainable elements in its residential communities, including natural corridors, native grasses, local stone and rock, and the creation of wetlands for storm water drainage and retention. These provide habitat for local wildlife and opportunities for residents to experience nature close to home, all while reducing greenhouse gases, erosion and fertilizer use. For Eric Vogan and the Qualico team, partnering with the NCC is an opportunity to make an immediate impact outside their communities in terms of environmental partnership, stewardship and conservation.

The goal of the Nature Conservancy of Canada is to protect Canada’s most important natural areas and the thousands of plants and animals they support. As Canada’s leading national conservation organization, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is focused on conservation science, land securement and ongoing land stewardship of Natural Areas. This science-based, long-term approach guides its work and makes NCC unique.

To learn more about the NCC and their work in Manitoba, visit natureconservancy.ca/manitoba or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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