There are countless reasons to buy a new home! Today’s builds are better, safer and stronger than ever, and when you buy a new home, you know exactly what you’re getting. There are no surprise repairs waiting around the corner, so you can be sure that your new house is ready to be enjoyed carefree!

Here are some of the main reasons that Winnipeggers choose to buy new:

You Get What You Want – When you buy a new home, you don’t have to settle! Today’s builders offer a wide range of home styles and seemingly endless options in terms of finishes and customization. When you choose to build a new home, you can plan and prepare for your future needs to get the best value possible out of your purchase.

High-Quality Construction –Take advantage of the latest advancements in both construction techniques and materials and know that you’re getting a home that will stand the test of time. Today’s builders employ the knowledge they’ve gained over decades in the business, combining their great technical know-how with an artisan approach to design and construction.

Wonderful Communities – When you buy a new home in a modern community like Sage Creek, you’ll quickly realize that it’s the community that makes a house a home. From the conveniences of Village Centre to the winding nature trails, playgrounds and green spaces, when you start fresh in Sage Creek, you’ll find a whole new world to explore.

Less Work and Worry – Buying an older home or fixer upper can lead to unexpected costs and a lot of work. When you buy new, you can relax knowing that your home is in peak condition, so there are no major repair bills or replacement costs in the near future. Professional builders also offer after-sales service and warranties, so you can be sure that you’re safe and covered.

Greater Energy Efficiency – From heating and cooling systems to high-efficiency insulation and windows, today’s new homes provide greater energy efficiency than previous generations, saving you money and protecting the environment.

Unparalleled Safety – When you buy a new home, you can be confident that all current construction codes have been met. This includes ground-fault circuit interrupters and safety glass in the washrooms, and interconnected smoke detectors built right into your home, all mandated by current safety regulations.

Uncompromised Indoor Air Quality – Building materials, moisture, furniture and ventilation all affect indoor air quality – which, in turn, affects your health. New homes utilize modern advancements in construction and design, including state-of-the-art materials, ventilation systems and furnaces.

These are just a few of the excellent reasons to buy new. Click here for a full list of benefits from the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association.

If you’re looking to start fresh, consider building a new home here in Sage Creek. Come visit one of our show homes and see for yourself what you can expect in terms of construction, style and finishes when you choose to buy new.

Source: “Why Buy New” by the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association