We are excited to announce that the Sage Creek Nature Trail has a new and improved willow tunnel! Located in the dry pond just north of Tallgrass Crescent, between the Hydro Corridor and Blvd des Hivernants, the special Nature Trail is an outdoor play area designed for kids and adults to enjoy. The dry pond is a place to reconnect and have fun with nature, and it just got even better with a longer and stronger willow tunnel.

Why Willows?

Living willow projects grow quickly, making them ideal for use in constructing eco-friendly structures for shade, shelter, play and exploration. They gain an established look in a short period because willows are flexible, hardy and fast-growing.

How is the Willow Tunnel made?

Living willow rods have been planted in intervals along a metal substructure that provides support and stability. As the plants grow, their branches will be trained to spread and then weave together to produce a live, green shape. With some maintenance and care, it will last indefinitely, growing into a naturally unique and enchanting feature.

Willow tunnel progress photos (L to R)
1) Substructure installed, 2) Planting the willows, 3) The willows are tied to the substructure to start growing in a tunnel shape

The species that has been planted is a variety of Weeping Willow – Salix babylonica ‘Lace’. It has slender green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Its furrowed brown bark against its sweeping yellow branches make it extremely showy in the wintertime.

Where is it?

The new and improved tunnel is located in the dry pond Nature Trail, just north of Tallgrass Crescent, between the Hydro Corridor and Blvd des Hivernants. Be sure to check it out on your next walk along the trails. But remember that the tunnel is alive! So please do not pick or pull the willows.