The Sage Creek Residents’ Association is a board made up of devoted volunteers who are working towards making Sage Creek the best neighbourhood to live in. Over the last seven years, these volunteers have contributed their time, expertise, connections and knowledge into helping grow this community by planning events, holding fundraisers, lobbying officials and writing proposals, all of which has turned their vision into reality.

The board is working on numerous ongoing projects leading to the improvement of Sage Creek:

  • Lobbying for the installation of a new cell tower to improve reception in Sage Creek.
  • Partnering with Louis Riel School Division to form the Interim Parent Working Committee for Ecole Sage Creek School, which will open in September 2017. The group has since formed a Parent Advisory Council, which gets them involved with planning events, school activities and fundraisers.
  • Promoting local businesses in the SCRA newsletter and negotiating special discounts for SCRA members.

Various committees within the board structure ensure the Association’s activities are carried out. The Operations Committee works with various stakeholders to enhance the neighbourhood, while the Parks Committee has been focused on the fundraising and development of the playground at Parc Ron Duhamel Park.

The Social Committee, which currently has 12 committee members, has put on fun and exciting events like Tricks-or-Treats on the Trails and Sliding with Santa. These events are supported by the Fundraising Committee who organizes fundraisers that both raise money for the association and add to the community experience. Fundraisers include the Glenlea Greenhouses Plant Fundraiser, where plants that residents purchase online are delivered right to Sage Creek for their convenience. These two committees hold vital roles in the community as they encourage families and friends to get out and enjoy their neighbourhood. 

One of the biggest summertime events is the Sage Creek Canada Day celebration! In its second year, the community expects to see a turnout of over a thousand people. Activities will start at 3:00 PM; including water fights, live entertainment, speeches, and, of course, fireworks as the grand finale!

Being a part of the SCRA impacts the community positively and it is rewarding to know you’ve helped make Sage Creek into the dynamic neighbourhood it is today. If you’re interested in joining the board – positions are opening up in the fall – or have some time, specific skills and expertise in a certain area and want to be on a committee, please reach out to the SCRA to talk more about how you can contribute to your community.