There are a few different types of fence styles in Sage Creek, creating unique streetscapes and allowing for sightlines throughout the community. As the weather gets warmer and we are spending more time outdoors and fixing up our yards, it’s good to be mindful of the fencing guidelines in Sage Creek.

Open Style Fences

Open style fencing is primarily used in areas that back on to public reserves or open spaces. The style is either wrought-iron type or black vinyl-coated chain link. Artificial screening materials of any kind are not permitted and storage sheds or out-buildings must be at least 3 metres away from the rear fence line. Homeowners who want to increase privacy in their back yards can do so with any trees, plants, shrubs, or vines. 

There are many options for natural screening. Hedges of dogwood, cedar or cotoneaster can provide year-round greenery, as can cedar bushes and trees. If you prefer something that changes with the season, vines such as Virginia Creeper and Engleman Ivy are some of the more common varieties and can offer rich greens in the summer and vibrant reds in the fall. Clematis varieties sprout white or colourful blooms in the summer, giving a pop of colour to your landscaping.


Solid Wood Fences

Sage Creek properties that flank collector roads or have back lanes have fencing with a solid wood design. Homeowners are required to maintain the fence as installed by the developer.

Other fences installed by homeowners should be in keeping with the general look and feel of Sage Creek, and must follow the City of Winnipeg’s zoning regulations. These regulations can be found HERE or by calling 311.

Once a warranty period has ended, developer installed fences and retaining walls are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain as installed.

For questions regarding your fence in Sage Creek, please contact Qualico Communities at 204-254-9225 or