The History of Foxridge Homes

Foxridge is a proud member of the Qualico Single Family Homes, which also includes Broadview Homes and Sterling Homes. Backed by decades of customer service excellence, Foxridge is Qualico’s premium upscale brand.

“Foxridge offers elegant homes and unique personalized design features; it’s a much more affordable price for a high-end home,” explains Courtney Sims, Marketing Coordinator for Qualico Single Family Homes. “You get lots of features within the base price and we can tailor the home to meet your lifestyle. There are also less complications and time needed as the work is already done in creating the plan – it’s a streamlined process to get you in [to your home] quicker with less decisions.”

What Sets Foxridge Homes Apart

“The main thing that sets us apart is the fact that we offer high-end homes at a more affordable price,” Courtney explains. “Choosing Foxridge means you get great value for each dollar put into the home. You still get personal attention and care to make sure that everything from the first meeting to moving day are taken care of professionally and efficiently.”

Foxridge Homes offers you many choices when it comes to your home design and finishing. “While you will begin the process by choosing from one of our home designs, we can make small tweaks to meet the customer’s needs and lifestyle,” Courtney explains.

You also get to choose from an array of options when it comes the finishing touches and exterior – through the Qualico Design Centre you get a personalized meeting to go through all of the different sections of your home. From flooring to lighting and even stucco, you can see all the components laid out together to help you choose what works best for you.

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Defining the Foxridge Style

Courtney describes the Foxridge style as high-end and elegant, with unique features built into the standard price of the home. “We’ve put a big focus on open concept for easy entertaining,” she explains. “You’ll notice right away that the homes feature high quality materials and have a modern contemporary look built for an urban lifestyle.”

Why Foxridge Loves Building in Sage Creek

“Our current show home gets a lot of great feedback based on finishes, and people love the value you can get in this type of home,” Courtney explains, when asked why people are choosing Foxridge in Sage Creek. “We’re more on the affordable side of the upscale family home which is perfect for living in Sage Creek. You get those upgrades and luxuries without having to pay millions.”

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