Preparing your home before a vacation

Feb 6, 2019
When the bitter, cold prairie winter hits, so does the desire to pack your bags and jet-off to a warmer destination. A place where the parkas and snow boots can be swapped for shorts and sandals as a wardrobe staple. Whether you choose to escape the cold with a short weekend getaway or a week-long vacation with family and friends, it’s important to prepare your home for when you are away to ensure you stay stress-free from take-off to landing. Here are some tips to keep in mind prior to your departure:

Safety tips for trick-or-treating in Sage Creek

Oct 17, 2018
Halloween is a fun time for kids to dress-up, stay-up late and eat candy. With all of this excitement and distractions, it’s easy for a pleasantly spooky night to turn into a scary one. These quick safety tips will help ensure a safe evening of trick-or-treating in Sage Creek

New Sports Medicine Services at Sage Creek Physiotherapy

May 9, 2018
Sage Creek Physiotherapy has expanded its services, now offering a Sports Medicine Clinic!

4 Reasons Why People Are Moving to Sage Creek

Mar 1, 2017
Over 1,600 families have made the move to Sage Creek in the last few years! Here's a few reasons why people are choosing to move to this trailblazing community.

Canada Day in Sage Creek! You Won’t Want to Miss It…

Jun 14, 2016
Canada Day will be even more spectacular than last years in the community of Sage Creek. With the addition of new activities, there is something the whole family can enjoy. You may want to rethink leaving the city.

How to Get Your Backyard Certified as Wildlife-Friendly

Apr 26, 2016
Gardening season is nearly upon us, and there’s even more to get excited about this year! A program offered by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) offers residents the chance to incorporate wildlife-friendly gardening practices and other ecological values into their very own backyards.

The Benefits of Making Your Backyard Welcoming to Wildlife

Apr 8, 2016
An introduction to the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat Certification Program that recognizes the amazing efforts Winnipeg families are making to ensure their backyards are wildlife-friendly.

Festival du Voyageur at Sage Creek

Feb 2, 2016
Qualico Communities is proud to be a major sponsor of Festival du Voyageur, taking place this February 12-21, 2016. Festival is a great opportunity to get outside, have fun in the snow, and explore Manitoba's rich cultural history.