Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Tips: Water Features

May 19, 2016
Water is the basis for all life. All gardeners are used to watering the plants in their garden during our hot and often dry summers, but water is also important for wildlife.

How to Get Your Backyard Certified as Wildlife-Friendly

Apr 26, 2016
Gardening season is nearly upon us, and there’s even more to get excited about this year! A program offered by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) offers residents the chance to incorporate wildlife-friendly gardening practices and other ecological values into their very own backyards.

The Benefits of Making Your Backyard Welcoming to Wildlife

Apr 8, 2016
An introduction to the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Backyard Habitat Certification Program that recognizes the amazing efforts Winnipeg families are making to ensure their backyards are wildlife-friendly.

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Winter on the Trails

Jan 20, 2016
Regardless of your age, fitness level or work schedule, one of the best ways to enjoy winter in Winnipeg is to explore the city’s nature trails.

Sage Creek Ron Duhamel Park Playground Update

Aug 13, 2015
The Sage Creek Resident's Association has been planning and fundraising for a new playground in Ron Duhamel Park. Read more for details.

Trail maintenance

May 8, 2015
With the weather warming up, trail maintenance is underway.

Native grasses in your neighbourhood

May 4, 2015
Sage Creek is home to 61 acres of parklands and public reserve, 27 acres of wetlands and 66 acres of native grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees, (more to be developed in future phases). They help create a healthier neighbourhood and offer stunning natural landscapes for residents to enjoy.

The abundance of algae

Dec 9, 2014
We’ve all seen it, but do you know it its abundance varies year to year and from month to month?