Updated July 22 - Cell Tower & McDonald's Open House Summary

Jun 22, 2016

Update - July 22nd, 2016

Public Hearing

The June 7th Open House held for the Cell Tower and McDonalds building showed plans for the McDonalds building on Sage Creek Boulevard at Lagimodiere with a reduced front yard setback of 13.5’ instead of the required 25’ setback. 

Recently, variance posters were installed advising of a Public Hearing for a reduction to the front yard setback. The Public Hearing will be held as follows:

Riel Community Committee
Public Hearing
Friday, July 29th, 2016 – 9:30 am
Council Building

We apologize for the short notice. 

Traffic Assessment 

Our consultants have now received the necessary information from McDonalds to complete the traffic impact assessment, and we expect to be able to share the results with you by early August.  


On June 7, we held an open house for the residents of Sage Creek and surrounding communities to view plans for a proposed McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant and cell tower. Residents were encouraged to leave feedback and share comments. We have summarized your comments and would like to address the concerns that were raised.

Cell Tower

Residents were overwhelming in support of a cell tower in the community and pleased with the location that was proposed. Rogers will be holding their own, more detailed open house once they proceed with their application. The tower would be a shared tower between Rogers and at least MTS. The earliest a tower would be installed and functional will be Winter/Spring 2017. 


Majority of residents voiced their support of McDonald's in the community, while some residents opposed. Feedback against McDonald’s consisted of not liking the restaurant or the location of the restaurant. The concept of the Village Centre is to allow for car-centric businesses to be along Lagimodiere Blvd, while the more pedestrian friendly shops and services align Burning Glass Road, closer to homes and further away from the highway. The location of McDonald’s suits this plan and while McDonald’s may not suit everyone’s personal taste, our objective is to have a broad range of retailers to satisfy a variety of preferences within our growing community.

In advance of the open house, McDonald's altered some aesthetic elements to their design to satisfy standards for Sage Creek. They are addressing new lighting concerns for residents in Island Lakes who back onto to Lagimodiere by increasing the amount of landscaping and fencing.


The majority of comments consisted of traffic concerns in and out of Sage Creek Blvd. Some residents were asking for the installation of the Right In - Right Out of the Village Centre North to Lagimodiere. This is not slated for construction until a tenant is secured at the north end of the parcel because the exact location could change based on the size of the building required.. 

Last year, the City of Winnipeg approved the re-zoning of the area along Sage Creek Blvd for the three new retail units and a drive-thru. No road improvements were required for the approval.

There are changes currently slated to occur at Sage Creek Blvd and Lagimodiere Blvd in 2017 by the City of Winnipeg. The left turn lane into Sage Creek will become a double lane with a fully protected left turn light (left turns will only be allowed when the arrow is flashing). These changes will improve the safety of that intersection.

Despite the above statements, we heard your concerns and have engaged engineers to complete a full traffic impact assessment. They will evaluate whether or not any road improvements should be made based on the expected traffic volumes to McDonald’s and the unit under construction in the Village Centre. We expect to have our traffic impacts assessment completed by the end of June and will be able to share further details over the summer.

Thank you to all who attended, submitted comments sheets, and emailed. We appreciate your feedback to help us create the community you want to live in. For any further questions, please contact us at or 204-254-9225.

If you missed the open house, you can view plans on our original post.