The SCRA Is Expanding Membership to Local Businesses

Oct 9, 2015

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association (SCRA) is looking to expand their membership base from solely residents of Sage Creek to businesses in the area. The SCRA works to promote the interests of the Sage Creek residents, striving to make Sage Creek Winnipeg’s best neighbourhood.

In order to help promote local businesses and provide residents with a list of quality goods and services close to home, the SCRA is seeking businesses willing to provide discounts for Sage Creek residents who hold a valid SCRA Membership.

This applies to anyone who:

  • Operates a business in Sage Creek’s commercial section
  • Operates a business outside of Sage Creek that services community residents
  • Has a home-based business in Sage Creek
  • Is looking for a way to increase clientele and promote their business within the community

How will partnering with the SCRA benefit my business?

Partnering with the SCRA will benefit your business through regular mention in newsletters and on their Facebook page. Each year, an email will be directly sent to membership holders which will list all businesses in partnership with SCRA. In turn, this free advertising will lead to more clientele for your services! Residents will also have an incentive to visit your business because of any applicable discounts you offer and affiliation with the SCRA.

For more information on becoming a SCRA Business Partner, and to find an application, visit their website.