State-of-the-Art School Coming Soon to Sage Creek

Jun 9, 2016


As students celebrate the end of another school year and make plans for a fun-filled summer, a team of Winnipeg architects is watching their design a new state-of-the-art school in Sage Creek take shape. It is one that students (and parents!) will be excited about.

Construction is underway to open a new school in fall 2017 for early learning to Grade 8 that will be home to 600 students from Sage Creek. According to one of the project’s lead architects, the school will reflect the latest cutting-edge practices in education — flexibility, ownership, citizenship and belonging. Winnipeg’s Number Ten Architectural Group was retained by Louis Riel School Division and Public Schools Finance Board in September of 2013 to provide consulting services for École Sage Creek School. The project includes an Early Childhood Learning Centre that is integrated into the design of the school, as well as a 2,000 square foot Childhood Integration Space.

“The term they’ve coined is ‘21st Century Learning’, which is really a shift in education philosophy — and now architecture is responding in parallel to that shift,” says Christina Legris, an associate and Education & Recreation Studio Lead with Number Ten. “It reflects what educators are learning about student behaviours and teaching philosophy, which is really about trying create different kinds of flexible learning spaces that historically we haven’t seen.”

The new Sage Creek school will give students and teachers the flexibility to learn in several different ways and different environments. No more long days of sitting in a desk all day! Here, students will still have separate classrooms, but each will have collapsible walls allowing larger groupings and more collaborative teaching opportunities.

“There’s going to be lots of flex and innovation, but the design still allows ownership of classroom and a bit more of a traditional environment if that’s what’s needed,” says Legris. Check out Number Ten’s website to see the unique features of Sage Creek School.

New Concept: Learning Neighbourhoods

One of the exciting new concepts being incorporated into this school is the idea of ‘Learning Neighbourhoods’ that groups together six classrooms around a central common space for flexible instruction, team teaching and group learning.

These neighbourhoods scale down the larger school population into smaller groups of classrooms to promote collaborative teaching and shared resources.

Each neighbourhood has one classroom that has a large moveable partition to allow classes to expand into the common space and create a larger gathering space, as well as individual washrooms, an art sink, flexible breakout space/resource room for small group teaching and student resource programs. 

Each of these neighbourhoods will have a direct visual connection to the outdoors and be thematically linked to the landscape design directly outside of the commons space.

A two-storey Learning Commons will function as both the library and a flexible gathering space. The band room is right next to the gym, to be used as a stage for school productions and assemblies.  

There will be a separate entry and drop-off space for daycare and kindergarten students, and the whole facility will be designed so that indoor and outdoor spaces flow into each other, specifically co-ordinating each wing of the building to represent a native plant — so the landscapes immediately out the window reflect the theme. In other words, the landscape design will be a “living lab for learning and play.”

Visit Sage Creek School's Website to keep up-to-date with the newest information.

Going to school has never been so much fun!