Sage Creek Ron Duhamel Park Playground Update

Aug 13, 2015

The Sage Creek Residents' Association offers a voice for Sage Creek residents, bringing community concerns and opportunities to different levels of government and the city as a whole.

In 2015, one of the association's main goals is to fundraise for a new playground at Ron Duhamel Park. They have already completed consultations with the community and created a plan of the playground that reflects the ideas and needs of residents.

With the addition of a playground, this park will continue to be a central hub and meeting place for this growing community and will also serve as the main outdoor play area for the children of École Sage Creek School when it opens its doors in 2017.

Monica Nash of the Sage Creek Residents' Association explains a bit about how the community involvement process worked:

"Residents were surveyed asking what they wanted in a community play structure and, based on those results, we came up with a design that incorporated their wishes: something accessible for all children including children with disabilities, swings and slides, and for there to be smaller play equipment pieces to encourage different types of creative play. The final goal was to maintain a natural look that is reflective of the Sage Creek philosophy."

Sage Creek Playground
Above is a visual representation of the proposed playground. The final product may differ.

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association has served as the primary grant proposal and fundraising body for this playground. Working with Qualico Communities, the Louis Riel School Division and the City of Winnipeg, their main goal is to create an exciting outdoor space that embodies the community's values – an exciting place for all families to share. 

This will be the fourth playground in the community, and construction is expected to start late this summer, to be completed in 2016.

For additional updates, please visit the Sage Creek Residents' Association website.