Sage Creek Open House Recap - November 2019

Nov 7, 2019

On November 6, 2019 Qualico Communities hosted an open house for Sage Creek to provide residents with an update on development progress in the neighbourhood and to hear residents' thoughts regarding future planning and development in Sage Creek.

Topics included:

Village Centre

Board 2: Three of the Latitude 49 apartment buildings, by Deveraux Apartment Communities, are expected to open in spring 2020. Inquiries can be sent to Jen Jacobsen, Operations Manager Winnipeg, at

Board 3: The new public plaza and streetscaping on Burning Glass Road is underway and will be completed in 2020.

Board 4: Four new buildings in the Village Centre will commence this winter and into spring 2020. Dollarama is our newest tenant and will be located in building E.

New townhomes under construction

Board 5: Grey Heron Rise by DPL Group.

Board 6: LaFrance Condominiums by Randall Homes.

Current and future servicing for residential

Board 7: 2019 servicing is now complete in Phase 7 (Dumontet Crescent) and is underway in Phase 9A.

Future re-zoning in Village Centre and Phase 9A

Board 8: Phase 9A re-zoning will include more variety of lots and housing types. This area will include duplex and single family homes with a mixture of rear lane access and front drives, as well as custom home lots.

Board 9: Re-lotting in Phase 9B has a revised plan where some rear lanes have been applied to allow for boulevard homes on Robert Bockstael Drive. 140 lots (36’-44’) will become 151 lots (30’-40’) in this area.

Board 10: Qualico Communities is applying to subdivide a parcel of land between Boulevard des Hivernants North and the Hydro Corridor that is north of Sage Creek Boulevard, into three sections for Residential Multi-Family-Medium (RMF-M) to allow for more multi-family development.

Manitoba Hydro was also in attendance and has advised that construction on the transmission line through Sage Creek will likely take place in spring 2020. For more information, click here.

Please review the presentation boards below for more detailed information.
Sage Creek open house boards -November 6, 2019