Sage Creek Open House Recap

Jun 29, 2018

On Monday, June 25th, Qualico Communities hosted an Open House to share some new developments in Sage Creek for 2018. Some of these projects are approved and already under construction, while some are expected to start this year. To stay up to date on all future developments in Sage Creek, sign up for our e-news.

The five project areas discussed were:

Village Centre

At the heart of Sage Creek is a growing Village Centre with tree-lined streets, walkways, shops, services, and restaurants.

Medium to high density residential for diverse age households help make the Village Centre an active gathering hub, complete with pedestrian connectivity, enticing landscaping, and a variety of shops and services for all of Sage Creek to enjoy.

1.  Rental Apartments by Deveraux
2.  Village Centre North Commercial Buildings
3.  Townhomes

Phase 8

4.  Single Family Homes and Townhomes

Phase 9B

5. Single Family Homes
Plan Overview

1. Deveraux Apartments

Deveraux Apartments

Conceptual - Subject to change

A commercial and residential developer, Deveraux, is planning a 400-unit apartment complex across six buildings, plus a clubhouse. These plans are subject to plan approval by the City in July. The apartments will be located along Sage Creek Blvd and Burning Glass Road.

The six apartment buildings range from 3 to 6 storeys in height. The units offer a mix of micro units, single bedroom, and double bedrooms options. The 3 storey building (along Burning Glass Road) will offer ground level commercial spaces for future tenants. There will be a mix of underground and surface parking, which will offer a few carports as well.

The apartments are geared toward 25-45 year old residents and will offer on-site amenities such as a pool, outdoor BBQs, fire pit, gym, lounge, and a private dog park. The site is also immediately adjacent to the Village Centre shops, restaurants, and services.

These apartments are expected to begin construction in fall 2018.

2. Village Centre North Commercial Buildings

Qualico Commercial is seeking plan approval for two new buildings in the Village Centre North. These two new buildings will offer more commercial space to Sage Creek. 

Village Centre Building E and F

Subject to plan approval

Village Centre - Context Map

Subject to plan approval

The following two commercial buildings were approved in 2015 and could start construction this year. These buildings are located along Sage Creek Blvd, across from TD Bank and the Liquor Mart.

New Tenants

The Village Centre recently welcomed Sage Creek Eye Centre and Madam's Nail Spa. We'd like to welcome two more new tenants that will open late summer/fall 2018; Fast Fired by Carbone and Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters!


The Village Centre Public Plaza construction is currently underway. The Public Plaza is to become the ‘pedestrian heart’ or node of the Sage Creek Village Centre, A paved open space with a variety of seating options, outdoor patios and lighting will serve as a community-gathering hub and provide an opportunity for special events.

Village Centre Plaza


A sculptural art feature on a raised platform in the centre of the plaza will offer a striking focal point that will help delineate and animate the space.The sculpture is titled Aurora Borealis and is by the artist Darren Sakwi.


For more information on the Village Centre and the Plaza Sculpture, check out our recent blog post

3. Townhomes

Townhomes will be built along LaFrance Lane to complete the east side of the block where the 55+ apartments are currently under construction. Designs have not yet been finalized and timeline is still to be determined.

4. Phase 8 - Single Family Homes and Townhomes

Down the street from the growing and active Village Centre, Phase 8 is a medium density phase with a mix of single family homes and townhomes (for the first stage of development).

Phase 8 - Townhomes

Conceptual Only

5. Phase 9B - Single Family Homes

Predominantly single family homes for premium and custom builders, including new wetland walkouts.


Phase 9B - Single Family Homes

For questions related to any of these developments, please email or phone us at or 204-254-9225.