Rockwood Urban Grill: Great Food, Great People, Great Patio

Mar 13, 2018

Rockwood Urban Grill is a new restaurant concept to Winnipeg located in the Sage Creek Village Centre. After opening their doors October 27, 2016, they’re quickly becoming a neighbourhood favourite. The aromas from the wood-fired grill in kitchen will make your mouth water the moment you walk in the door.

Owner/Operator Jeff Street says the reason they chose Sage Creek for their first location had a lot to do with Qualico setting up some excellent conditions for their restaurant.

“We were excited about Sage Creek because it’s a new area and Qualico had a building that was mostly ready to go. When we looked at it, we knew it would be a perfect fit, as it was the right size and had the right feeling.”

Street says residents from Sage Creek have been great.

“It’s a very nice group of people around here. They seem to really support us and the local business scene. It’s a great community.”

The restaurant pulls some of its inspiration from Street’s other restaurant concept, Rock Creek Tap & Grill, which boasts seven locations in Saskatchewan. Street says it’s like a sister brand, but with a slightly different theme to it, much of which is drawn from the wood-fired grill. With stacks of logs against the walls, guests are reminded of the authentic-style of Rockwood’s kitchen.

“Our menu and our atmosphere are what makes us unique. The building itself and its interior, and the fact with cook with a real wood grill, no gas. We burn logs of wood underneath, cooking on an open fire all day long!”

Street says some guest favourites are the smoked briskets, which are actually smoked in-house, in addition to the steaks, and almost anything else cooked on the wood-fired grill. He also says their burgers are a massive hit, with people coming back to try each one.

“The open flame is quite popular.”

Rockwood Burger

Photo courtesy of 'RockWood - Sage Creek' Facebook page

With Spring almost here, Street reminds us of their patio, and hints there are some new specials in development.

“We have a great patio with a capacity for 40 people. When the weather is nice, there’s no better spot in the neighbourhood to grab a drink and spend time with friends.”

“There’ll be new menu items, some new features and new drinks. We have a new wine menu coming out soon and of course sangria and other things are on schedule for the summer.”

The Rockwood Urban Grill is located at 1100-50 Sage Creek Boulevard and is open from 11am to 11pm Sunday to Wednesday, and from 11am to midnight Thursday to Saturday.