Open Houses - Recap

Dec 1, 2016

Robert Bockstael Drive - Bungalow Condo Cul-de-Sac
Conceptual plans for a cul-de-sac with 18 semi-attached bungalow condos were shown at an open house on October 27, 2016. Plans for this site have yet to be approved by the City of Winnipeg and may be subject to change. You can view the boards of the proposed project here: PDF of Display Boards

Cell Tower Open House

Rogers Communications held their public consultation on November 17. Those wishing to support the project or provide feedback may contact the City of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development department planner, Femi Ojo

Images of the boards from the public consultation can be seen on the Sage Creek Residents' Associations Facebook page.

Phase 8, 9B, and Village Centre South-East
Plans for subdivision applications of Phases 8 & 9B were shown at the open house on November 21, 2016. Phase 9B includes only single-family residential, while Phase 8 is primarily multi-family residential, which could include a mix of townhomes, apartments and an assisted-living facility. The south-east portion of the Village Centre will be applying for a public lane opening through the parcel, and there are plans by a developer to build a 5-storey 55+ apartment complex with 102 units and underground parking. Plans have yet to be approved by the City of Winnipeg and may be subject to change. Boards from the open house can be seen here: PDF of November 21, 2016 Open House Boards