Keeping Sage Creek Energized

Oct 4, 2017

Since opening in November, Freshii has become a staple in the Sage Creek Village Centre. It’s a quick, healthy option to keep your stomach and your soul satisfied. Whether your lifestyle keeps you on the go, or if you’re just looking for healthy meals that won’t require a ton of prep time, Freshii is a perfect match.

Freshii offers a regular menu including burritos, bowls, soups, yogurts, etc., and meal plans–called meal boxes for four different lifestyles. The meal plans are conceptualized by professional nutritionists and the food is, as the name infers, incredibly healthy and fresh.

We had the chance to sit down with Freshii franchisee Laura to discuss how things have been going for Freshii since their launch last year, why they're such a good fit in Sage Creek, and what residents can expect in the future.



Freshii opened in November 2016. How has it progressed/thrived/changed since opening?

Since November we’ve seen a lot of new faces and have had great response from the community. Since summer has been here in Sage Creek we’ve seen a lot of foot traffic which is nice to see!

What has it been like being a part of such a vibrant and energetic community like Sage Creek?  
We’ve loved being a part of this community. We’ve had great support from local businesses and have our regular customers that come in daily. We love to see familiar faces! We’ve also been asked to be involved in the Bike Week event, and were involved in the Canada Day market and would love to continue to be very involved in events going forward.

What has been the response from Sage Creek residents?

We’ve had great response from the residents. We’ve offered them an affordable, healthy option in the community and if they haven't been to a Freshii, they usually return after that first time when they walk through our door. We’re all about building loyal customers through great food and a great experience.

Why do you think Freshii fits into the community so well?

I think Freshii fits perfectly because of the fact that anyone can enjoy Freshii. We have a full kids’ menu which most people have been happy to see, as well as anything from salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, smoothies, juices, soup and frozen yogurt. Who wouldn’t love to try out our full menu! We also serve a great breakfast, which a lot of people are pleasantly surprised to see. Freshii is still new in Winnipeg and as the brand grows so will our customer base, and we are so excited to be able to offer this in Sage Creek.

What have been some go-to menu items for customers?

Our whole menu is so unique and has been chef-designed that we don't have just one favourite. Our staff are fully educated on our whole menu and can suggest a menu item that we think each customer would love, our menu is fully customizable which is great, you can always take one ingredient out and substitute it out for something you do like. I highly recommend to all new Freshii faces to try a bowl or burrito!

Is there anything customers can expect in the coming years? (Events, expansions, new menu items, etc.)

It’s an exciting time for Freshii, especially in Winnipeg. The founder of Freshii, Mathew Corrin, was born and raised in Winnipeg, so it’s even more special to be in his hometown operating and owning a Freshii. We’re also seeing massive growth companywide, so it’s even more exciting to be a part of this. The menu is always evolving–since we’ve been open, we’ve seen chili added to the menu for fall/winter, we saw the Bamboo Bowl; a green curry rice bowl added for the spring, and Freshii fans loved it so much it is now part of our permanent menu. The Pokii bowl was here for the summer, and this fall we have brought in the Good Roots Bowl, containing sweet potato and pumpkin seeds amongst other delicious ingredients–it's like Thanksgiving in a bowl. Also keep an eye out for coffii (coffee) in early 2018, and don't forget to grab Monii (gift cards) for your friends and family!

We want everyone in the community to know how grateful we are for the warm welcome into the community and we can't wait to continue to energize Sage Creek through an affordable, healthy option for people on the go!

Photo from Freshii's Facebook page.