Hydro Corridor Update

Nov 15, 2017
We have received an update from Manitoba Hydro regarding the St. Vital to Letellier Transmission line that will run through the Hydro Corridor in Sage Creek. The estimated start date for construction is summer 2019. 

This is just one of the two lines that have received environmental approval and will be running through Sage Creek. The construction start date for the other line (St. Vital to La Verendrye) has not yet been determined. 

These two lines were presented by Manitoba Hydro to the public at open houses in the fall of 2013. Both lines received Environmental Act License in January 2017. The consultation with Sage Creek residents and the Sage Creek Residents Association led to Manitoba Hydro twinning the lines to one set of towers between Edward Turner Drive and Warde Avenue. The map for the Sage Creek lines can be found here.

Background information on the project can be found on Manitoba Hydro's Project website.