Cross Country Skiing in Sage Creek

Dec 3, 2013

Attention all cross-country skiers!

Qualico Communities has arranged for a cross-country ski trail to be laid throughout the Manitoba Hydro Corridor in Sage Creek. Work has begun this week to lay tracks for a two-way, classic cross-country ski trail to run down the Corridor, in addition to the existing walking trails. If you were around the Corridor this afternoon, you may have seen some snowmobiles working to get the route packed down.

The trail will be kept up throughout the winter for outdoor adventurers. Once more snow hits the ground, the tracks will be laid. So keep your eyes open and stay tuned to the Sage Creek Blog for more news.

Note: We ask that pedestrians please keep to the walking trails and leave the ski trail for skiers only, as foot prints ruin the tracks. Signs will be posted throughout the corridor to identify the ski trail.