Controlled Burn in Sage Creek

May 21, 2013

Native Plant Solutions has been contracted to conduct a controlled burn during the day in Sage Creek: 

Between May 21st and June 15th, 2013


Weather conditions permitting

Controlled burns are conducted regularly in native grasslands for stand management purposes.  Too much thatch (accumulating dead material) will reduce the resilience of the native grass community and may leave the site more prone to weed invasion.  A prescribed burn is used to remove excessive thatch accumulation and, if desired, to elicit changes in the frequency and distribution of the species in the mixed grass planting.  For Example, a prescribed burn can be ‘timed’ to favor taller more colorful species in the planting.  Overall, when properly conducted, a prescribed burn ‘tightens up’ the native grass/forb community, maintaining its ecological integrity.

A ‘surround fire’ technique will be used, and standard safety precautions involving controlled burns will be observed, including the use of a ‘wet-line’ fire-break.

Homeowners are advised to keep windows and doors closed during the prescribed burn.

The burn will affect the areas pictured below. 

Contact if you have any questions.