An inside look with Foxridge Homes – 19 Siskin Bay

Mar 14, 2022

Qualico Communities is proud to partner with high-quality, reputable, and trustworthy home builders in all our communities. While show homes are open year-round, life doesn’t always allow the time to visit all the beautiful show homes our neighbourhoods have to boast in-person. With this blog series, “An inside look” we’re giving you the chance to explore the inside of some of Winnipeg’s latest and greatest homes from the comfort of your couch, bed, or office chair.

Today, we’re opening the doors to 19 Siskin Bay in Sage Creek as Foxridge Homes provides us with some of the most sought-after answers pertaining to new home design.

Can you tell us the inspiration behind the design of this home?

The inspiration for 19 Siskin Bay in Sage Creek was to create a spacious family home where every space serves a purpose. The design selections and colours are meant to create a warm and welcoming feel with luxurious touches. We also wanted the home to be certified energy efficient by Efficiency Manitoba, meaning, this home includes triple pane windows, added wall insulation, smart home technology, and more.
An inside look-19 Siskin Bay-foyer

What are people looking for in their homes today?

As we have been forced to slow down and spend more time at home for the third year in a row, people are looking for more space, more separate rooms, and home offices. As many people are now choosing to work from home, their home must reflect these needs. This home has it all and it fulfills all of these needs.
An inside look-19 Siskin Bay-washroom

Is it important to balance current trends with timeless features? If so, how do you manage that balance?

At Foxridge, we feel that it is important to balance current trends with timeless features. When we are designing a home, the goal is that the home has a good floor plan meant to be lived in, rather than a trending design. Current trends can be shown in some of the design selections, like the backsplash or counters, but ultimately, the home must flow and function for years to come as a family grows.
An inside look-19 Siskin Bay-great room

What role does staging play in presenting a new home?

Staging is extremely important. Staging will show a family how they will live in the home and how spaces are organized. It also adds to the overall attractiveness and function of each room.

Are there any new design trends that you see emerging?

All white on white, and grey minimalism is over. The top interior design trends this year will be focused on making us feel emotionally at ease where every object and room we're surrounded by must serve some sort of purpose. What we are seeing for this year are shades of brown and hues found in nature. For some popular décor and textiles accent colours, we are seeing accent colours like caramel, gold, paprika, and clay.
An inside look-19 Siskin Bay-kitchen

Finally, what's your favourite thing about this house?

My favourite thing about this home is the kitchen esthetic and the dining room with build-in cabinets and wine rack. It makes for an ideal bar area when you are entertaining or preparing drinks. I also love the home office off of the kitchen with three large windows looking into the yard and deck area. The convenient location of this office makes it easy to grab a coffee or throw a meal in the oven. It’s like a convenient sunroom office!

If you’re looking to build your dream home in Sage Creek, contact Foxridge Homes for more information and be sure to visit their website for more inspiration.