A special thank you to the Sage Creek Residents’ Association

Sep 13, 2016

The Sage Creek Residents’ Association is a board comprised of dedicated volunteers who work closely with Qualico Communities to ensure the positive and continual growth of Sage Creek. These volunteers put forth efforts regarding the development of committees for fundraising, coordinating events, and developing partnerships. The board has been running strong over the past three years, and this year two notable board members will be stepping down come late September.

Jamie Gowryluk Moniz, Vice President SCRA

After moving to the community in January 2012, Jamie realized that she wanted to help establish the community parks and school in Sage Creek and promote the area as a desirable place to live. As a result, she joined the SCRA and became Vice President in May 2013.

Jamie says “The board has some great accomplishments behind them, like initiating the building of a new park and school and planning the best social events in the city,” which all stems from the sharing of ideas and working together as a supportive team.

Besides her Vice Presidential role, Jamie also became School Committee Chair of Ecole Sage Creek, which is opening in the Fall of 2017, and aided with the board’s fundraising for Parc Ron Duhamel Park. Her passion for making Sage Creek a beloved neighbourhood will be missed by the rest of the board, but she encourages others to get out there and volunteer.

“I hope to see some fresh faces and ideas leading our community,” exclaims Jamie. “It is a wonderful way to give back to the community we all live in and adore.”

Although Jamie is stepping down come this September, she still plans to help out when and where she can for the board when needed.

Chris Bohemier, Treasurer SCRA

Chris first moved into the up-and-coming Sage Creek in 2011, and after the concern of having few places for his little ones to play, he decided to join the board in 2012 to have a voice in the development of the area.

“Sage Creek was just being born,” says Chris, “and it had the potential of becoming a unique opportunity to really connect and bring people together.”

While on the board, Chris helped the board achieve the building and launching of the website for the SCRA, created a social media presence through Facebook, coordinated the release of the six newsletters, and contributed to fundraising initiatives for the new school and the Parc Ron Duhamel Park.

With over three years of dedicating time to the SCRA, Chris says it’s time to step down and give someone else a chance for the role of treasurer. “I feel like there are others who may bring some fresh ideas to the board, and it’s time to let someone else have a turn.” Chris plans to continue with the maintenance of the website, plan social events, and dedicate his time to the Parent Advisory Council for the upcoming Ecole Sage Creek.

“Joining the board is a great way to meet people, get invested in your community, learn new skills, and make a difference,” says Chris. Volunteers can have a huge impact on the outcome of the shaping of this community, whether it’s committing to one or five hours a week. “There is strength in numbers and it’s evident that this group has a strong voice,” says Chris. “Getting involved can ensure that you are adding your voice to the chorus.”

Special Acknowledgment – Monica Nash

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Monica Nash for her efforts with the development of the Parc Ron Duhamel Park. Although Monica stepped down from the board last year, her countless hours dedicated to fundraising, going door to door, and filling out grant applications was integral to building the park. Frank Capasso, President of the SCRA, speaks highly of her commitment as it was one of her biggest passions while on the board. “She made this park a reality,” says Frank, “and Monica brought us over the finish line through her dedication.” Even though she stepped down from her role over a year ago, her impact is still felt throughout the community. 

Now, it’s your turn to give back

Frank urges residents to volunteer for the two open positions of Vice-President and Treasurer. The time commitment is completely up to you, and putting in a couple hours to several throughout the week still impacts the community positively in one way or another. Frank says that without volunteers, we, as a community, are nothing. We can only achieve great things when more people come together. 

If you are interested in joining the board or volunteering for a committee, you can play your part by attending the Annual General Meeting on September 29 to fill the open positions or volunteer on a committee.